Wednesday, October 11, 2017

"The Opera House " A Film By Susan Froemke

On October 1 st my sisters and I were lucky to go to the NY MET to see the NY Film Festivals opening film “The Opera House,” by Susan Froemke.  What was so personal and special about it for us, was a story that we knew for years was finally made public. This story was about the design for the chandeliers and how it came about by an accident.  My sister Kyna herself an Architect explained and demonstrated the genesis of a splash made by my father Tad Leski which later developed in to the chandelier.  Kyna has the story on a blog about how the concept began. 

Here is a link Opera Chandelier Concept Kyna Leski  

The film should not be missed if you are an opera fan, architect or just interested in what goes on behind the scenes and the development of this magnificent building. 

Photo by Justin Pollack 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

My Silk Painting Exhibit At Jericho Library December 2015

This show will run until the end of the month. It was nice to see and meet the people who came out to see the exhibit today!  Jericho Library 1 Merry Lane Jericho New York - Library Hours

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Provincetown A Dream For Artists

My husband and I spent a few days this summer in Provincetown, Massachusetts or P town as it is lovingly called. For those of you not familiar with Provincetown it is quirky, fun, artsy and has gorgeous natural scenery and interesting architecture, a dream place for artists or photographers. I found the light to be wonderful since the town is surrounded by water on three sides it is full of clear colors.  Fittingly they have many art galleries full of colorful paintings.  Although I didn't have the opportunity to paint while there I did take some photos that perhaps I will use for reference material.   
                                          A few photos I took during my visit.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Remembering Mom: A Iris grows in my garden

My mother's name was Iris. She passed away last August and in remembrance I planted a iris in my garden. I also planted irises years ago outside her apartment and she loved to look at them each spring. So you could say this was to be the last iris I planted for mom.
I have a few irises in my garden scattered around, all of them iris blue in color. So when my irises started to come up this Spring I couldn't remember where I had planted this "special" iris. I recently weeded my garden and accidentally a few were removed so I thought I might never see this particular iris. But today there it was standing tall majestically by itself, the only one that was cream and burgundy! And it made me smile

Mom's Iris 

My Silk Painting