Sunday, June 29, 2014

Painting On Block Island R.I

We first vacationed on Block Island in 2008 and have made several trips back since. We fell in love with the natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere. The last few times I was able to bring my oil paints with me. This Spring while there I painted three paintings. Sitting on the back deck all you could hear was the birds chirping, they are so friendly, that some will actually eat from your hand. The skies are always interesting and changing. I hope I captured the peacefulness in these paintings that I felt. 

                                                           Up The Hill  11 x14 

                                                               The  Beach Crescent 11x 14  

                                                           Yellow House By The Sea 11x 14 

        House By The Sea 16x20 

Around The Corner  11 x 14

Here are a few more from past years.  

          Avonlea  11x 14

Painting The Back Of the Blue Dory 

Morning On The Beach 11x14

Crescent Beach 11x 14