Saturday, August 25, 2012

As one ends one will come up

I will be taking down my show this coming Friday the 31st from the Huntington Library. It was a great opportunity and I appreciated all the positive input received.  I am looking forward to my next show which will be at the Bethpage Library, on Long Island for the month of October. I am not sure what paintings will be in  it, might be a combination of some silk paintings with some of my oil paintings. Also a few paintings will be on display in Syosset next month at the Dept of Public Works.

I was happy to see one of my paintings was published in the NY TIMES for the Huntington show in the Metropolitan section a week or so ago  Sunday paper.
It is not online so here is a photo of it.

The same photo was also in the "Huntington Times"  a local paper.

And some lovely ladies at lovely on your side gave me a bit of publicity : ) in their blog post

Thank you I REALLY appreciate the feedback !

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Silk Painting Exhibit "Colors That Sing"

I am very pleased to announce my silk paintings will be on display at the Huntington Public Library for the entire month of August.

The library is located at 338 Main Street Huntington N.Y. I will also have a few hand-painted silk scarves and necklaces made from pieces of scarves on display upstairs in the main level display cases.
A reception will be held on August 11 from 2- 4 pm all invited!
Gallery hours are Mon- Fri. 9- 9 pm 
Sat 1-5 pm
Closed on Sundays

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Painting Outside Plein Air

 Plein Air A painting done outside rather than inside in a studio. French en plein air, meaning 'in the open air'
I was lucky to do some paintings a few weeks ago on Block Island although they are still not ready to be shown. (Touch ups are needed.)  I also got out with my camera and caught a lovely sunrise.

                               Here I am sititng on my back balcony on Block Island painting.

One morning we had visitors

 Waterfront Festival Huntington NY Sunday June 24th  
Today I was one of the artists who participated in the Waterfront Festival in Huntington at Vanderbilt Mansion Museum. This is a great idea orchestrated by Rich Rivkin, a series of 7 festivals this summer. Bringing together artist with musicians. Rich also produces "Live Art Fusion" events on Wednesday nights.  Today was a especially lovely day to be outside. I found there is something about seeing an artist at work that makes people extremely inquisitive, many came over to chat with me or other artists asking questions and making comments.  Which was very nice, especially since they were supportive. I was lucky to have my sister and her friend show up to take a few photos for me.

The next Festival will be Sunday, July 8, 2012 Noon - 4pm
at Heckscher Park in Huntington NY and again on Sunday, July 29, 2012 1 - 6pm at
Vanderbilt Museum, Centerport NY both will be featuring artists painting to live music by four bands, overlooking the Long Island Sound how great is that? 

 Also on  Sunday, August 12, 2012 2 - 6pm Rich has planned Live Art Drum & Dance Fest Vanderbilt Museum, Centerport NY 50+ Hand Drummers and Dancers, along Live Painting by dozens of Artists,

I can’t wait to do this AGAIN! Especially at the Vanderbilt Mansion which has so many great spots to paint. I had a wonderful time and it was packed with people who came to relax and listen to the music and take in the sights. The scenery and Mansion is gorgeous so check it out and if you are an artist well …..Get our your easel!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Painting a Silk Scarf

First I stretch my silk on a frame. This is a frame from Dharma Trading and it works very well. You can adjust it to many sizes. Then I decide what technique I want to use.  I decided to just paint free hand and allow the dyes to bleed. I also used a spray bottle of water to encourage more movement of color in places. This was done on crinkle silk chiffon which has a graceful drape and a soft, dull finish and a somewhat grainy surface: a result of highly twisted warp and weft threads.
When done it sits for a day. Then I steam set it so the colors do not bleed and the scarf is permanent. See my other post for steam seting using a bamboo steamer.
And now the finished scarf!
My poppy and irises scarf on crinkle silk chiffon!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Silk Painting: Steaming Steam Set Dyes Using Bamboo Steamer

Your silk painting is not permanent until you "set" the color if you are using steam set dyes, this means actually steaming it.   If you do not set the dyes they will run. Before purchasing any dye or paint, make sure you know if they are steam set dyes or iron set. There are many ways to steam set your piece. Of course you can purchase a professional steamer but they are rather expensive and if you just have a few scarves to steam, you can easily make your own steamer.  One way is to get a large pot such as a stockpot and put a vegetable steamer inside. I usually do a demonstration during my silk painting classes showing how to steam set dyes using such a method, but another easy way is to use a Chinese bamboo steamer.
What’s great and easy about the bamboo steamers is they usually have two sections, so you can steam more than one piece at a time. I rolled my silk scarf on an old cotton sheet that I had cut a few inches larger than the piece. (You can also use Muslim or Kraft brown paper). I then folded the extra piece of fabric on the sides inwards and sealed my package with masking tape. It important that the fabric does not touch itself, or else the dye will transfer from one place to another.

I then placed one scarf package in the lower section of the steamer and one in the upper.

I added a sheet of new paper to go under and above my packages to catch any extra moisture. Place your steamer on a pot with about  ½ in of water.  Boil the water, then turn it down quickly to simmer. Make sure the water does not hit your piece!

As for the time needed to steam a piece, it varies. The lighter weight smaller pieces, you might get away with 45 min to an hour. But for crepe de chine or heavier I would recommend 2- 3 hours especially when you have used French dyes or jacquard dyes. The larger the piece the longer the time. Always check your pot to make sure the water hasn’t dried up and replenish with more if needed. 

After finished steaming I take my piece out and I rinse it to get rid of excess dyes with a softener like Downy. It also leaves your piece smelling nice and soft.

Then voila!  Your scarf is done and the colors are bright and gorgeous!

Friday, January 13, 2012

knowing When a Painting is Done

One of the hardest parts of painting for me has been to know when to stop. Today I am afraid I took it too far and ruined what I had. I was working on a very large scarf with dyes, which are pretty permanent and unforgiving.  I was not quite happy so I kept on painting and over painting with darker colors until I realized I was making it worse. Looking back I know that I should have left what was alone. I should have taken a break then came back to the project and looked at it with fresh eyes. Perhaps I can take this lesson in to life as well, knowing when to stop and when to let go. Today’s painting is an example of perhaps going too far or not knowing what I wanted in the first place

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Colorful Skies

I have always loved looking at the sky, the changing colors and patterns. The sky is especially wonderful during the fall and winter.

Taken from my daughters apartment in Brooklyn NY facing lower Manhattan in the distance. Taken
on New Years Eve .

What a great pattern the sky made
Same evening in Brooklyn without the zoom.
Soft colors taken on Block Island one summer.

Boothbay Maine the sky as storm clouds roll in.. Taken this summer.