Monday, April 2, 2012

Painting a Silk Scarf

First I stretch my silk on a frame. This is a frame from Dharma Trading and it works very well. You can adjust it to many sizes. Then I decide what technique I want to use.  I decided to just paint free hand and allow the dyes to bleed. I also used a spray bottle of water to encourage more movement of color in places. This was done on crinkle silk chiffon which has a graceful drape and a soft, dull finish and a somewhat grainy surface: a result of highly twisted warp and weft threads.
When done it sits for a day. Then I steam set it so the colors do not bleed and the scarf is permanent. See my other post for steam seting using a bamboo steamer.
And now the finished scarf!
My poppy and irises scarf on crinkle silk chiffon!