Monday, October 3, 2011

Do you find yourself attracted to certain colors?

Your skin tones your eyes and your hair color all determine what colors look good on you. Blue the color of the sky and ocean, tranquil relaxing the opposite of red but can also be cold. Red so emotionally intense attracts our attention. Red and yellow are usually considered warm colors can evoke emotions not only of warmth but anger.  These three are the primaries and cannot be formed by mixing any other color.  

Then we have the secondary colors such as green, which contrasts with red.  Green can be calming and relaxing. Orange one of my favorite colors so energetic yet warm. And when we mix red and blue we get purple the color of wealth and royalty.

When looking for color schemes a good place to start is nature. The color palate  found in nature are typically harmonious to our eyes. I find even colors that we do not  think can go together can if you mix the right shade. Just look at the sky at sunrise.

Why do some colors that look so pretty in the sky, turn off our appetite if they were on our plate to eat?

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