Sunday, January 19, 2014

Painting a Silk Painting From Start To Finish Using Several Techniques.

I start a silk painting with an idea, from then on I proceed as the painting takes me. I often use a combination of silk painting techniques in one painting. Color is very important to me so I want to layout the color placement with a wash. I started this painting by outlining a few trees and rocks with a substance called resistad (by Procolour) mixed with my steam set dye. You can of course also use gutta to outline. The resistad will stop the dyes from bleeding over my line just like gutta will.
                I allowed the silk dyes to bleed as I painted a light wash. 

Since I wanted to add more controlled details, I painted over the entire piece of silk with a large brush a preparation of one part gutta and two parts turpenoid to coat the fabric. This allows me to paint as though I was painting on paper without the dyes bleeding in to one another. Best do this outside or in a well ventilated space.
After the solution dries I can go back to my painting adding more dyes.
Once finished the painting it is then steam set. This sets the colors so they will not bleed and brings out the brilliance of the silk dyes. 
                                          I added a mat and it is now ready to be framed!

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